Readers ask: White God Budapest Which Streets Used?

Where is White God set?

White God
Countries Hungary Germany Sweden
Languages Hungarian English
Budget HUF$700 million (USD$2.5 million)
Box office $581,904


How did they film White God?

Still, White God is a cinematic triumph—all of the filming is live action using real dogs—hundreds of them. Atypical for this day and age, the filmmakers avoided computer generated imagery (CGI). That choice lends the film a level of reality and surrealness unlike any film before it.

Why is it called White God?

Sign up and get the answers to your questions. White God’s title is a nod to American director Sam Fuller’s similarly themed 1982 film White Dog—which Mundruczó saw after his own movie had already been completed, but whose philosophical underpinnings he enthusiastically embraced.

What happens at the end of White God?

The ending of White God, after Hagen’s glorious and bloody revenge, is ambiguous. Hagen meets Lili again but she’s changed: we’ve seen her shift much more of her allegiance toward humans during the course of her journey (which I found much less gripping than Hagen’s).

Is White God on Netflix?

It also makes them a flexible metaphor in the gorgeous and fascinating dog revolution film, White God, which is on Netflix right now.

Is White God on Amazon Prime?

Watch White God | Prime Video.

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