Often asked: Budapest To Velence Is How Many Km?

How do you get from velence Lake to Budapest?

The best way to get from Budapest to Velence without a car is to train which takes 38 min and costs 850 Ft – 1 000 Ft.

How far is Budapest from Venice Italy?

The distance from Budapest to Venice is about 708 kilometers.

How do I get from Budapest to Venice?

The best way to get from Budapest to Venice is to fly which takes 5h 56m and costs 34 000 Ft – 85 000 Ft. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 11 000 Ft – 16 000 Ft and takes 10h 47m, you could also train via Wiener Neustadt, which costs 39 000 Ft – 55 000 Ft and takes 11h 44m.

How do I get from Vienna to Venice?

Traveling by EuroCity train The EuroCity train offers the fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Vienna to Venice by day. This modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in 7 hours and 35 minutes.

How do I get from Budapest to Zagreb?

There are several direct trains per day from Budapest station to Zagreb, with the journey taking between 6 and 6 and a half hours. From Zagreb, you can then take a train or bus to your required destination in Croatia.

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How many days do you need in Budapest?

If you are wondering how many days in Budapest you need, two days is adequate to see the whole city, as long as you’re efficient. Three days will allow you to get to more of the top attractions at a slower pace. You can add a fourth day if you want plenty of time to relax.

How many days should I spend in Venice?

Spend 2-3 days in Venice, and you’ll be able to experience the city’s many highlights and visit a few of the surrounding islands, like Burano and Morano.

Is Hungary close to Italy?

Distance from Hungary to Italy is 805 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hungary and Italy is 805 km= 500 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Hungary to Italy, It takes 0.89 hours to arrive.

How far is Berlin from Venice?

The distance between Berlin and Venice is 490 miles (791 km) by DB and prices for a Deutsche Bahn ticket between Berlin and Venice start at $60 (€47).

How long is the train from Vienna to Venice?

How long does the train from Vienna to Venice take? The average journey time by train between Vienna and Venice is 12 hours and 35 minutes, with around 13 trains per day.

How far is it from Vienna to Venice?

The distance between Vienna and Venice is 435 km. The road distance is 603.3 km.

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