FAQ: Viking Vili Which Pier At Budapest Mahart?

Where does Viking dock in Budapest?

All Viking ships dock on the Pest side of the Danube, so we booked two nights at the Budapest Marriott. The hotel overlooks the river and is just a few blocks from the Chain Bridge. We were pleasantly surprised that this is one of the hotels that Viking uses for pre- and post-tours.

What hotel does Viking use in Budapest?

On this 10-day itinerary, Viking includes a two-day post-cruise stay at the Budapest Hilton as part of the overall journey.

Where does Viking river cruise dock in Passau?

River Cruise Docks Ships can dock at either Fritz-Schäfer-Promenade in Passau close to the old town, or Donaustrasse near the bridge Kräutelsteinbrücke in Passau -Lindauclose. The Central Bus and Train Station is located on the western side of the Old Town.

When was the Viking Vili built?

Viking River Cruises Viking Vili

Viking Vili
Year Built 2015
Year Last Refurbished
Capacity 190 passengers
Decks 4

Where does Viking river cruise dock in St Petersburg?

Your ship is docked at the Viking Pier located between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the city. The docking location is at Magdeburg Pier.

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Where does Viking river cruise dock in Moscow?

In Moscow, river cruise ships typically tie up at Moscow’s North Pier, which is some distance from most major attractions.

Where does Viking dock in Basel?

Main operator is Viking Cruises. Most vessels from Avalon Waterways dock at Klybeckdock, located along the Uferstrasse. Basel is an excellent base to discover the wonders of Europe, especially if you manage to find deals on your cruise and accommodation.

Where do Viking cruise ships dock in Amsterdam?

Docking Location – De Ruijterkade Ships usually dock along a street called De Ruijterkade, located at the back of the Central Railway Station in Amsterdam.

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