FAQ: The Spy Who Dumped Me Budapest?

Does Drew actually die in the spy who dumped me?

Theroux’s character Drew dies shortly after he reveals to Audrey he’s a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As a result, Audrey and Morgan decide to help Drew complete his assigned mission. Toward the film’s end, the viewer—along with Audrey and Morgan—discover that Drew is still alive.

Where can I view the spy who dumped me?

The Spy Who Dumped Me | Netflix.

Is there going to be a second spy who dumped me?

So far there’s no official word on whether a sequel will happen, but everyone involved is ready to see the girls take on another assignment. In a Bustle interview, director Susanna Fogel revealed another film isn’t out of the question.

Is the spy who dumped me appropriate for 12 year olds?

A lot more of a violent R Rated Movie, amd a lot less of the sex component. Anyone age 12 and up can enjoy this movie.

Is the spy who dumped me free on Amazon Prime?

The Spy Who Dumped Me heads to Amazon Prime Video this week free with your Prime membership. What time can you start streaming Sam Heughan’s movie? If you haven’t watched Sam Heughan in The Spy Who Dumped Me yet, your chance is coming to watch with a subscription service.

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Is the spy who dumped me on Amazon Prime?

Amazon.com: The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) – Prime Video: Movies & TV.

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