FAQ: How Budapest Keleti Train Station To Wien Hbf?

Which train station in Budapest goes to Vienna?

Budapest to Vienna by train The journey takes 2 hours and 40 minutes between Budapest Keleti and Wien Hauptbahnhof stations (both are the main stations in the cities) and it is usually operated by comfortable railjet trains.

What is the main train station in Budapest called?

Budapest Keleti (eastern) railway station (Hungarian: Keleti pályaudvar ) is the main international and inter-city railway terminal in Budapest, Hungary. The station stands where Rákóczi út splits to become Kerepesi Avenue and Thököly Avenue. Keleti pályaudvar translates to Eastern Railway Terminus.

What is the best train from Vienna to Budapest?

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Vienna to Budapest is by taking the Railjet high-speed train. This modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in just under 3 hours.

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How do I get from Wien Mitte to Wien Hauptbahnhof?

Wien Mitte to Wien Hbf train services, operated by Austrian Railways (ÖBB), depart from Wien Mitte station. Train or bus from Wien Mitte to Wien Hbf? The best way to get from Wien Mitte to Wien Hbf is to train which takes 6 min and costs 1€. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 3€ and takes 18 min.

Should I stay Buda or Pest?

Buda is considered to be the calmer side of the city–while it’s not exactly dead, there tends to be much more going on, including nightlife, on the Pest side of the river. Buda tends to have a much more residential feel.

Is the train ride from Budapest to Vienna scenic?

Scenery. It’s worth pointing out, straight off the bat, that the journey from Vienna to Budapest is not the most scenic – it’s flat and the countryside is fairly uneventful, which means this isn’t a journey you make for the views… unless you’re big into wind turbines that is!

Does Budapest Airport have a train station?

The closest train station to Budapest Airport Terminal 2 is Ferihegy, with trains operating to and from the Nyugati railway station in Budapest. Nearly 100 trains per day, including InterCity services, provide easy access to and from the city in less than half an hour, for a few hundred HUF.

How many train stations are there in Budapest?

There are 3 main international railway stations in Budapest: Eastern (Keleti), Western (Nyugati) and Southern (Déli). More than 50 trains a day provide direct links between Budapest and 25 other European capital cities.

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How long is the train from Budapest to Vienna?

The average journey time by train between Budapest and Vienna is 3 hours and 31 minutes, with around 20 trains per day.

How many days do you need in Budapest?

If you are wondering how many days in Budapest you need, two days is adequate to see the whole city, as long as you’re efficient. Three days will allow you to get to more of the top attractions at a slower pace. You can add a fourth day if you want plenty of time to relax.

Is there a high speed train from Prague to Budapest?

Prague to Budapest High – Speed Trains The high – speed Railjet train departs from the central Prague rail station called Praha Hlavni Nadrazi and arrives to the central Budapest train station called Keleti which is a great benefit as it is easy to make your way around the city.

What is the cheapest way to get from Vienna to Budapest?

Taking the bus is the cheapest way to travel from Vienna to Budapest. Buses traveling from Vienna to Budapest depart from Vienna’s Erdberg bus station and take approximately 3 hours to arrive at Budapest’s Könyves Kálmán körút bus station. Buses are an average of €16 cheaper than taking the train.

Does Vienna Airport have a train station?

Vienna Airport (German: Flughafen Wien ) is a railway station serving Vienna International Airport in Schwechat, Lower Austria, Austria. The train services are operated by ÖBB and Deutsche Bahn.

How do I get from Wien Airport to HBF?

It takes an average of 25m to travel from Vienna Hbf to Vienna Airport by train, over a distance of around 10 miles (16 km). There are normally 68 trains per day travelling from Vienna Hbf to Vienna Airport and tickets for this journey start from €4.20 when you book in advance.

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How do I get from Vienna airport to the train station?

The most convenient way to get to the central train station is by taxi. A Vienna airport taxi ride will cost around €36 and will take under 20 minutes to reach the station. An alternative inexpensive and quick option is to take the ÖBB railjet train.

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