Budapest & Hungary History with Cafe Stop

Join us for a tour that will give you a complete overview of Hungary and the Hungarians from their origins - up to modern day!

Highlights and Themes

  • Explore Budapest with a certified local guide
  • Get a historical overview of Hungary
  • Learn about the Hungarians and where they came from
  • See special interest sights with a historical focus
  • We’ll start with stories from Hungary’s earliest days and travel forward to the modern day
  • Learn about the Roman, Ottomans, Austrians and Russians and their role in shaping the city we have today
  • We’ll also stop for a coffee and cake


3,5 hours

Dates & Times

All Year Around – daily, 9:30, 14:30

Meeting Point

Private tours can start from your accommodation depending on where you’re staying in the city. If this is not possible, the tour will start at our office listed below.

Absolute Tour Center
1065 Budapest, Lazar street 16,
located right behind the Opera House.

Tour Prices
1-2 people: 140 €, 3 people: 170 €, 4 people: 200 €
over 5 people: 45 €/person
Child discount (3 - 12 yrs): 25 €

Small Groups

Walking Tour

Tour Guide

Coffee Stop

Best Sights

Stops for Photos

Full Tour Description

Duration: 3.5 hours

Delve into Hungary’s past and learn about Budapest and its evolution to the city you see today. Your guide will take you on a historical journey from the ancient times of the people who occupied the land known today as Hungary, right up to the modern day.

Discover the history of its people, the country and state and the culture. From the Celtic times, we’ll learn about Attila The Hun and his real relationship to modern-day Hungarians. The Roman Empire and the settlements of Pannonia come next on our journey. Then, we cover the 150 years of Ottoman rule/occupation, the struggle to be free and the historical marks it left on the city, the country, the people and the language.

Hear all about the struggle to flourish under the Habsburg Empire leading to the Great Compromise, and then into WWI and the loss of two-thirds of Hungary’s territory after the Treaty of Trianon was signed. We’ll move on to learn about why Hungary entered WWII with the Nazis, and the effect the WWII battles and sieges had on Budapest.

Towards the end of the tour, we teach you all about the rise of Communism and the Stalinist rule which bled the country of new property and freedoms – the short-lived freedom fighting that arose during the 1956 Revolution, the marches, protests and then the great battles with men versus Soviet tanks fought in famous street battles.

Also included on the tour is a visit to our own private exhibition room where we will introduce you to the real features of a Hungarian home, including relics and typical furniture and furnishings. Furthermore, we have an extensive collection of many communist related artefacts, such as red and blue passports, party member’s registration book, pins, medals, currency and huge placards to help your understanding of the propaganda we once lived under!

We finish the tour learning about Big Brother’s political changes at Perestroika leading to Hungary eventually gaining free elections and the change of an era into capitalism and what is today’s modern Hungary.

Our walking tours run with small groups and generally do not have more than 15 participants. This makes them interactive and personal and gives you plenty of chances to ask questions and get to know your guide. You can also hit them up for local tips on where to go and what else to do.

We reserve the right to alter and change the tour program without prior notice due to construction, city closures for events, festivals and so on throughout the year.


Private English speaking guide, coffee or soft drink with 2 homemade pastries, public transport tickets during the tour, many stops for photos and questions.


Entry fees to sights and museums, food and beverages except where noted, transport to the meeting point or from the conclusion point, gratuity/tip.

For additional information please see our Terms & Conditions and FAQ